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Jackpot Showbox Aluminum Treadplate

$ 529.99
  • Compact, space-saving design is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Perfect for jackpot shows when you only want to carry the essentials
  • Fits on the back of our Single and Double Fan Carts, Bucket Carts and Double Blower Cart
  • Features hooks for hanging on the side of a trailer or on a gate
  • Top hooks extend to serve as handles when rolling the box
  • Wheels and axle can easily be removed when attaching the box to a cart
  • Feet on the bottom allow the box to sit level on the ground
  • Dimensions: 21-9/16" L x 19-5/16" W x 32-3/16" T
  • Note: Does not fit on the Deluxe or Compact Blower Carts

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